The Art of Marketing Art

Some say creating artwork is MUCH easier than the hassle of marketing and selling their work.  But it doesn't have to be!  The Art of Marketing Art was created by an artist for artists. What if you spent about 30 minutes a day reading a short insight and completing an exercise that enabled you to take your art business to the next level. You could fit that in your busy schedule, right? And what if, once you finished these insights and exercises you were left with an authentic, personalized marketing plan that was easy to follow forevermore? 


Marketing is an ongoing process but it doesn't have to be complicated and one size does NOT fit all.  Once created, your marketing program will be a perfect fit for your abilities and your time,  Even more exciting, in less than a month, just by reading the insights and completing the the exercises you'll have the perfect plan  to promote and sell your work successfully. Even better, this program will evolve over time as you do. 


You can say goodbye to being stuck or overwhelmed with marketing responsibilities.  It's time to increase profits so you can spend more time doing what you love -- creating your work.   


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