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For the Love of Art

I think we're all artists. Now before you object and tell me about how you can't even draw stick figures, hear me out. Sure, we call all who put paint to canvas, form to clay, pattern to music etc. 'artists'. By definition an artist is one who works in any of the arts. According to various agencies, the census bureau etc., folks begin to take into account hours worked at art or revenue generated; but incredible works have been created by those who consider art their hobby or by those who have never sold of piece of their work.

Let's take a minute to ponder why we create and which of those creations should be considered art. This first problem with this is 'who' should be the one to decide what is and isn't art. by what criterion are outcomes judged? Whether we're talking about a radical pile of 'junk' combined to create an object d'art or a small painting of flowers in a lovely vase, few would argue that these outcomes are not to be considered art, at least by a few.

Now let's look around:

- to the barber who creates designs with is shaver

- to a grandmother creating the perfect pierogi

- to the child drawing patterns on and coloring in a pair of white sneakers

- to the admin who creates a vision of the state of a company with a spreadsheet

- to the scientist who creates a cure to a disease

'Wait' you say, that's not art. So that's where my definition becomes more creative than most. I believe art is the result of any creative endeavor. I think it's time to open our eyes and really see the art in all the wonderful expressions of creativity that surround us. Maybe it's because I'm an artist that I see art all around me. As an artist, I'm going to say I have that prerogative.

So for the love of art, I say we continue to be creative in all our different/individual ways. Creatively expressing ourselves in the work we do will make this world a better place - all for the love of art!


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