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On Being Creative

I am an artist, but it wasn’t always so. Or was it? I actually didn’t pick up a paint brush until after I was 40 and over the years I have expressed and experimented on canvas. We like to call it ‘self-taught’. But where does the motivation to create come from? At what point do you decide that you have the ability to look at a blank canvas and express with paints and medium something that someone else will connect with?

Where does the need to create come from? My family and friends tease me because I like to move my furniture around and see how any given room might look if configured differently. It drives some folks nuts. After all, if it works one way, why would you look for another way for it to work? Basically for three reasons: 1) You like change (that’s a blog post all unto itself), 2) you enjoy the energy shift of something new (this too presents countless ideas for discussion) and 3) you are driven to continuously create. Many artists believe that the ability to create, the talent, the gift comes from outside themselves. A Higher Power. A Muse. I am content with its presence. I know, if I practice and if I’m patient, it will come. I also know that if I don’t practice, there is a restlessness that is not easily soothed.

Daydream Believer (20x20)

I am an artist, a creative, one who must create to thrive. That’s the concept that is at the heart of who I am. Whether listening to music, rearranging a room, creating a business concept or designing a strategy, I am at my best and my happiest when I am on my creative edge. And it never stops. I am insatiable. Restless. Bursting with possibility thinking. Trust me when I tell you it’s best if I get it down on paper or canvas. If you are a creative, you know this is true. So dance it. Write it. Listen to it. Push it. Pull it. Express it. CREATE it. It’s what you were born to do. Let it flow.

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