Elsie Porter's paintings are an expression of both heart and mind.  As a self-taught abstract expressionist, she paints what it feels like to be alive.  Even after 20 years, she continues to explore and experiment with medium, texture and color.  Fiber paste, gel medium, course and fine pumice, sand and cheese cloth are just some of the elements that combine to create unique expressions that hold pigment in dynamic ways.  Although somewhat cathartic, her pieces are always full of color and energy.  Each piece is unique and vibrantly expressive.

"It’s the most natural thing in the world for me to pick up a brush and become a conduit of expression.  How it delights me when something I’ve painted or a title I’ve chosen speaks to or comforts someone."

Originally from Buffalo, Elsie now resides in McKinney, TX just north of Dallas.   

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